Trend Micro Antivirus Review

Trend Micro Antivirus

Recognized as a market leader in server security, Trend Micro has over 20 years of experience with home and business computer security platforms.  Their focus involves cloud security, which offers a different innovation for protection.

Trend Micro recently released their Titanium antivirus series, which are all compatible with Windows 7. Download the Free Trials:

  • Antivirus+ Security
  • Internet Security
  • Maximum Security
  • Premium Security

Antivirus+ Security Features and Benefits

The Titanium Antivirus+ offers the typical benefits associated with everyday tasks.  Computers used for emailing, Facebook, and surfing the web will have enough security with Antivirus+.

The main console screen is user-friendly, which allows you to run scans, get real-time status reports, and use shortcuts to other features like the Facebook Privacy Scanner.  A list of the features includes:

  • Blocks unsafe websites and warns you about potential risks.
  • Enhances Windows Firewall
  • Finds malicious links in emails and instant messages.
  • Finds potential harmful links on social sites like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and others.
  • Validates WiFi networks and hotspots

The Facebook Privacy Scanner also identifies settings that could make your personal information vulnerable.  In addition, all features and benefits available with Antivirus+ are present in all the other Titanium products listed below.

Internet Security Features and Benefits

Users interested in Titanium Internet Security need increased performance, parental controls, and data protection.  This is primarily for families where more than one family member accesses the Internet and households where banking and credit card information is stored on the computer.

The features include:

  • Cleaning up browser history, cookies, registries, and temporary files for better computer performance.
  • Parental controls allow adults to restrict certain website content and eliminate access to necessary desktop applications.  It can also provide a time-restriction, which only allows your children on the computer at certain times.
  • Data protection utilizes Secure Erase, which is used to shred sensitive data (e.g. passwords, credit card numbers)

Even though Titanium Internet Security provides all the protection most households need, their other two products might be more suitable for you.

Titanium Maximum Security

After reviewing Titanium’s Maximum Security software, we found it to be more of an enhanced version of Internet Security.  The most notable feature is the Online Guardian.  It allows parents to monitor and protect their children from potential risks on social networking sites.

Additional features in the Maximum Security software include:

  • DirectPass – This helps protect and manage your online passwords.
  • Document Sensitivity Storage – Store sensitive documents in a password-protected folder.
  • Mobile Security for Android

This software program also comes with SafeSync, which allows users mobile access to their PC files.  However, Maximum Security only comes with 5GB.

Several companies have released 2016 antivirus products.  We have reviewed several of them on this website, so it is important to compare each one.  We all have different security needs, so Titanium might not be your best antivirus for Windows.

We would also like to add, there is a fourth Titanium product: Premium Security.  It offers all the same features as Maximum Security, but can be used on five devices.  Titanium’s Internet and Maximum Security products only offer three devices.